The Physical Appearance of The Prophet Muhammad SAW

“His face shone like the moon.” – (Hind bin Abi Hala)
“His face was round like the moon.” – (Bara bin Azib)
“His face was not quite round but inclined to roundness.” – (Hazrat Ali(R.A))
“Broad forehead, slanting thick brows parted in the middle. A vein protruded between the two parts which became more prominent in anger.” (Hind bin Abi Hala)

“Neither white like lime, nor tanned, but brown with whiteness predominant.” – (Hazrath Anas(R.A))
“White, reddish.” – (Hazrath Ali(R.A))
“White but wholesome.” – (Abu Tufail)
“White and bright.” – (Hind bin Abi Hala)

“Black, with long eyelashes.” (Hazrath Ali)
“Black and drooping. Habit of looking from the corner of the eyes in shyness.” – (Hind bin Abi Hala)
“Red lines in the white parts, wide sockets, and natural grey corners.” – (Jabir bin Samra)

“Somewhat high with unique brightness whereby it looked large at first sight.” – (Hind bin Abi Hala)

“Even and soft, a bit of flesh drooping at the lower end.” – (Hind bin Abi Hala)

“Wide.” – (Jabir bin Samra)
“Moderately wide.” – (Hind bin Abi Hala)

“Thin and bright, symmetrical, openings in front teeth.” – (Hazrath Ibn Abbas)
“When talking a light seemed to sparkle from the teeth.” – (Hazrath Anas)

“Full and thick.” – (Hind bin Abi Hala)

“Thin and long, beautifully chiselled like a statue Colour of the neck white like silver and handsome.” – (Hind bin Abi Hala)

“Large but symmetrical.”- (Hind bin Abi Hala)

“Neither quite straight, nor sheep like.” – (Qatada)
“Slightly curly.” – (Hazrath Anas)
“Thick, sometimes touching ear lobes and sometimes reaching upto shoulders.”- (Bara bin Azib)
“Parted in the middle.” – (Hind bin Abi Hala)
“The body did not have much hair. A line of hair running from the chest to the navel.” – (Hazrath Ali and Hind bin Abi Hala)
“There were some hair on shoulders, arms and upper chest.” (Hind bin Abi Hala)

General Structure:
“Body well built, bones joining limbs large and strong.”- (Hind bin Abi Hala)
“Body was not fat.” (Hazrath Ali)
“Neither tall nor short, small but middle-sized.” – (Hazrath Anas)
“Inclined to be tall. Among the people he appeared to rise higher than others.” – (Bara bin Azib)
“The abdomen was not protruding.” – (Umme-e-Mabad)
“Despite has poor conditions and lack of proper food his body was stronger and more virile than those of better nourished persons.” – (Al-Mawahib)
“I have not seen a braver and stronger man than the Prophet.” – (Ibn Umar)

Shoulder and Chest:
“Chest broad and even with the abdomen.” – (Hind bin Abi Hala)
“Chest broad.” – (Bara bin Azib)
“Width between shoulders more than usual.” – (Hind bin Abi Hala and Bara bin Azib)
“Portion between shoulders fleshy.” – (Hazrath Ali)
Arms and Hands :“Wrists large, palms wide and fingers symmetrically large.” (Hind bin Abi Hala)
“I have not touched any thick or thin silk or anything else which was softer and fleshier than Prophet’s palms.” – (Hazrath Anas)

Calfs and Feet:
“Calfs were not fleshy but symmetrical.” – (Jabir bin Samra)
“Feet were fleshy, lower parts of feet little hollow and feet so smooth that they could not retain water.” – (Jabir bin Samra)
“Very little flesh on heels.” – (Jabir bin Samra)

The most graphic description of the Prophet was given by an old woman at whose house the Prophet stopped on his way from the cave of Thaur to Medina and her goats gave so much milk that the Prophet and his companions were fully satisfied and yet there was much left over.
When the old woman’s husband returned home and expressed his surprise, the woman gave the description of the Prophet as follows:
“Handsome features, bright face, likeable temperament, neither the abdomen protruding nor hair of the head fallen out, graceful, handsome, eyes black and large, hair long and thick, voice clear, long neck, bright black of the eye, natural grey corners, thin and drooping eyelashes, black and curly hair, silent with dignity inclined to cordiality, graceful and captivating at a distance and very sweet and most handsome from near, talk sweet and words clear, neither more nor less than necessary, all talk consistent, middle-sized, neither short so as to look insignificant nor tall to look unbecoming, a fresh twig of handsome plant, charming to look at and well- built. His companions are so devoted that they always surround him, quietly listen to what he says and promptly obey what he orders. Obeyed, liked, neither verbose nor cryptic.”


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